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Archery Lessons

Check back regularly for any updates.

If and when classes resume, shooters under the age of 18 are welcome. However, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when on the range. Also, a waiver of liability must be filled out and signed before shooting commences.

All ages may attend classes with the only criteria being the ability to follow directions.

Given COVID restrictions, only small classes will be permitted should instruction resume.

Typically, when classes are available they occur on Saturdays mornings by appointment only. Classes will begin at 9:00 A.M. and end at 11:00 A.M., unless other arrangements are made. Advanced arrangements are necessary to ensure that the gate is unlocked and open.

Equipment will be supplied by Verdugo Hills Archers. If you bring your own equipment, it will be inspected to ensure that it is in proper working condition.

Beginning classes are free! Additional classes are by arrangement.

Initially, shooting will occur at the practice range, but depending on time and proficiency students may shoot the field targets.


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Easy to learn. Difficult to master.
Everything is in your hands.

You keep doing it until you get it right, then you keep doing it until you can’t get it wrong.


A bow is a simple machine made from a stick and a string that shoots another stick called an arrow.


Besides standing and looking, things you hopefully have already mastered to some degree, all you are doing are two easy and simple tasks:

1. Holding a stick with one hand;  and
2. Holding a string with the other hand.

The bow shoots the arrow. The hammer hits the nail. The bat hits the ball. You don’t hit the nail. You don’t hit the ball. That is what the hammer was built to do. That was what the bat was built to do.

The bow shoots the arrow. Don’t interfere with the bow. You don’t shoot the arrow, you let the bow shoot the arrow. It’s what the bow was designed to do.

According to Jerry Hill in his book Howard Hill’s Method of Shooting the Bow and Arrow, Howard said eveything is in your hands and … how you use them while shooting makes all the difference.

“Everything is in your hands.”

— Toxophilite


The bow is not capable of making a mistake, but the archer is.