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It is possible to pay by mail, but it is discouraged for two reasons. 1. Club Express charges us for that service. 2. Your membership will be delayed until Club Express confirms payment and deposits your check in our bank account. You can find the payment mailing address on our Contact Us Page. The Club prefers payment by Credit Card or PayPal because that creates an electronic trail and dispels any question of impropriety.

Mail Payments To:

Club Express
1051 Perimeter Drive. Suite 350
Schaumburg,   IL   60173
United States of America

However, it is not possible to join the Club without filling out the website application. The Club will not accept hard paper copies of your application. Why? Because the application online contains all the necessary rules, regulations, policies and liability waivers. You must go on line and electronically sign the Joining Agreement.

If you need to, just ask a friend with a computer to help you sign up. Also you must have an email address so we can communicate with you!

Election of Board 
Plan to Rewrite and Adopt New Bylaws
Keys, IDs, and Guests


COVID has essentially disrupted Club and Board functions all of last year and this year as well. It’s been frustrating and disappointing. Members have been tense and anxious and understandably disappointed. Our expectation is that this website can and should help us to begin to catch up with everything that needs to be done. This includes rebuilding our neglected Club from the ground up.


In that regard, given the many issues and concerns facing the Club, including the outdated Bylaws, the Club will schedule elections as soon as possible. 


Upon building this website it has become abundantly clear that the Bylaws need to be rewritten and modernized. In many instances they are no longer applicable, if not completely dysfunctional and counterproductive. Many approved amendments were not preserved due to a volunteer’s sudden illness. For example, the process of voting at a limited membership meeting was abandoned because it deprived the full membership of a legitimate opportunity to be heard and vote.  

In fact, the Bylaws are so confusing, unclear, and inapplicable the easiest and preferred solution to this ongoing problem is to rewrite the entire Bylaws from the ground up. That’s is exactly what we are going to do. The plan is to put our new improved Bylaws, once completed, to a vote of the membership within the next few months. This website will greatly facilitate that process. In fact, construction of the new Bylaws is already well underway.

This new website will eventually have a page dedicated to the new Bylaws so that each member will be able to read and refer to them when necessary. Amendments will be added and preserved online. It is clearly the way to go and will assist in making our Club more transparent. 

The new Bylaws will include a more accurate and complete description of the duties of each Officer so that anyone who wanted to get more involved and run for a position would have a better understanding of the obligations of each office. These Administrative positions are completely volunteer. No one is paid. The only compensation, if any, is at best reduced or eliminated dues. If you’ve never held one of these positions than you would not know that the elimination of dues does not come close to reimbursing these volunteers for the innumerable hours spent doing the job and the endless grief that comes with dealing with disgruntled members. The new Bylaws will not only increase accountability for the specific office held but it will reduce excessive burdens on any volunteer.  Right now, Officers and Directors are doing double duty and handling functions that have proved frustrating and aggravating. Having explicit duties spelled-out would relieve our administrative volunteers of unnecessary burdens and conflicts. 


Your membership expired as of March, 2021.

The plan is to change the locks and distribute new keys and ID cards to all active dues paying members on Saturday, June 26, 2021.  

That will give all expired members until the middle of June to apply for membership, obtain approval and pay dues before the locks change and they are denied access to the range.

The Club will then have a reasonable estimate of those who desire to continue to participate in the Club in order to manufacture sufficient keys and IDs. With that estimate the Club will purchase sufficient keys and produce sufficient membership IDs.

Joining after the middle 6/18/21 may result in a delay in providing you with keys and ID cards without which you will be denied access to the range.


As soon as gate Keys and membership IDs are distributed no one will be permitted on the range without wearing/displaying their new IDs. Anyone not wearing/displaying a new membership ID will be asked to leave. If they do not leave, the police will be summoned. This is a policy that is necessary to ensure compliance with our liability insurance and the City!

If someone not wearing an ID is in the presence or vicinity of an active member or members, it is the duty and obligation of the active member or members to ask the person to display their ID. If they do not display their ID, the member or members should ask the person to leave, and if they do not leave, call the police and report the person to Officers or Directors of the Club. Those persons present on the range without displaying IDs are either (1) not approved members and are trespassing, or (2) are members in violation of the rules of our Club and place their membership privileges in jeopardy.

Active Members who fail to wear their ID can be suspended or terminated. Active Members who bring guests may be suspended or terminated. Active Members who fail to report the unauthorized person may be suspended or terminated.

There is a definitive reason for these rules. If you are not aware of the reason, it may seem like a harsh rule to you, but the reasons for these rules are sensible and obvious once they are explained.

The Verdugo Hills Archers range is not open to the public.  Access to the range requires membership which requires electronically signing the Joining Agreement and paying dues for the maintenance of the range and the purchase of liability insurance. That Joining Agreement sets forth the rules, regulations, policies and waivers that are necessary for this Club to purchase liability insurance which is required by the City for our access to this land. That Joining Agreement also sets forth the City’s mandatory prerequisites for the continued use of the land as well as the basic rules under which our Club must operate.

The electronically signed Joining Agreement provides the Club with documentary evidence that those who participate understand and agree to these rules, regulations, policies and waivers. Guests have not signed this Joining Agreement nor agreed to all rules, regulations, policies and waivers. 

Because archery involves the use of a potentially dangerous instrumentality, guests, past expired members, or unauthorized visitors are clearly not in compliance with the fundamental and mandatory obligations we have to preserve our insurance and satisfy those few demands that the City imposes upon us. Guests have not signed waivers or formally agreed to abide by the rules of the Club. The Club, like it or not, must have zero tolerance for the presence of guests or unauthorized persons on the range or risk termination of insurance and our privilege of access to the land.

On occasion, under the supervision of Officers, Directors, Chairpersons, or their designees, the Club is open to the public, but on those occasions all visitors (non-active Members) must sign waivers. Typically, the Club occasionally opens its gates to those seeking instruction or to the general public for 3D Shoots, Field Shoots, Invitational tournaments, and similar events, for the limited time and duration of the event. On those occasions guests are required to sign waivers. This is pursuant to the terms and conditions issued by our insurance provider and the City. It is a decision relegated to the Officers and Directors of the Club. Other than these events, no guests or unauthorized persons are permitted on our range.

 Club Membership Dues Increase

Working to maintain the range is essential to preserving our continued access to this beautiful piece of land. Our fire safety obligations to the City cannot be achieved without continuous range maintenance, primarily the removal of dead wood and shrub debris.  

Members agreeing to work as a part of their membership to maintain the range has been an essential key to both the enjoyment of reduced Club membership fees and the fulfillment of our obligations to the City. 

In general, there are two membership rates. One for those who work the range, and a substantially greater amount for those who prefer not to or cannot work the range.

For Individual Membership, which included an agreement to work the range, dues have been $85.00 for quite awhile with no increase, yet costs to maintain the equipment and perform range maintenance have steadily increased. Most would agree that a membership fee increase is long overdue.

Consequently, after due consideration, your Board has decided to increase dues an additional $15.00 per year, from $85.00 to $100.00.

[Note: This past year if you paid the discounted worker's rate, then you were already granted the discount from the outset, whether you worked or did not work. Either way, if you signed up to work the past year you have already paid the lower dues for the past year. For this upcoming year's membership, if you agree to work you will pay the full dues upfront. You must then work the range. At the end of the year, if your work is verified you will receive a discounted rate for the following year's membership renewal. Consequently, as far as the “worker's discount,” nothing has fundamentally changed accept when the discount occurs, that is, from the outset with a mere promise to work, or after verification that work has been completed at the end of the year. At the end of this year if you haven’t done the required work, you will have appropriately paid the full membership dues and you will not be entitled to or receive the discount.]


Furthermore, ensuring that members have earned the discounted rate for working the range has not always been easy to determine or verify. It can prove contentious. Several members paid the worker's discounted rate up front, yet they did not work the required hours or did not work at all.

One solution to this “failure to do the work” problem was to charge, upon membership renewal: 1. the full non-working dues with no work discount and 2. collect, on top of that, the difference that was saved by the initial agreement to work (but thereafter was not earned during the previous year). Also considered was the option of completely denying the “work discount” for the future membership of those who agreed to work, but did not show up for any of the work parties. (Some have pondered the advantage of eliminating the discount all together, and with the additional funds hiring a crew to attend to the Range.)

The creation of our new web-based membership site has made possible an alternative solution that the Club believes is worth trying.

In order to ensure that the work discount is earned and deserved a new system will be implemented. Full dues at the non-working rate will be paid up front, and assuming work is performed during the year, the site will then issue each working member a code that will reduce the cost of membership renewal for the following year. If the required hours are fully worked, the costs of renewal will be reduced $150.00.

New ideas for completing the required work hours are also being discussed. One idea, for example, is that a member would communicate to the Board through this website. The member would propose a certain cleanup task. When approved, the member, at his/her convenience, would take a before and after photo of the area to be improved and download it onto this site with the date, who did the work, and the hours spent. The Board would later approve the time and, upon completion of the required hours, issue a discount code for membership renewal.

The net and gross membership rates for Individuals, Families, and Seniors are set forth below.

In this regard, it is important for our members to understand that our new dues structure is still comparatively not unreasonable. For example, at Conejo, working membership is $130.00 per year with 24 hours of work required. If the member doesn’t do the required hours, they are billed $300.00, making their total dues $430.00 a year. A Family Membership there is $160.00 per year, with a requirement that they put in 48 hours worth of work. Failure to do so means they will be billed an additional $600.00 making dues a total of $760 per family. See

Oranco charges $180.00 for Individual membership and $240.00 for family membership. However, they also charge for late fees and members of Oranco are required to maintain a membership in CBH/SAA ($50.00 to $80.00). Also, the $180.00 does NOT include the Association Membership or Initiation Fees. They do not give their work discount up front. Instead, each work party that a member attends equals $30 off the member’s next year’s dues.

Your Board recognizes that the initial upfront payment may seem substantial. It also provides a sizable increase in revenue for the Club during this coming year. This revenue will enable your Board to fund some needed improvements that are long overdue.

Because some members assume there is a pool of money waiting to be spent, it is important to know that, as a general rule, the Board seeks to maintain an emergency fund in the case there is a fire, regularly pays for liability insurance, maintains a fund to pay the deductible if necessary, handles the non-profit tax obligations, pays to purchase new and maintain equipment, etcetera. In the event we forfeit our privilege to access the range, the Club also maintains a fund to clear the bins and other structures we would be obligated to remove.

The Board has several hopes for the future: to make operational one of the tractors, or to purchase a new tractor; to buy new range maintenance equipment; to replace or repair the targets; to add more targets; and much more.

Finally, it may be necessary to hire a crew to finish the massive work of clearing the dead wood and debris. 

The goal is to maintain, improve and build a better range! The dues increase will certainly help!

Thank you for your understanding!



Filling out our membership application should be easy. We have worked hard to try to accomplish that. Here's what we did to try to make sure it worked smoothly. A few Board members took a test drive and initially found some of it complicated and frustrating. They suggested several modifications to streamline the process and remove steps that made no sense or glitched. We then had them dive in again and work their way to the end several times. We think we worked out the major kinks. Take your time and work your way through it step by step. 

The first thing you need to know is that you will not be able to complete the process if you do not have an EMAIL ADDRESS

The membership process requires that you have an email account.

This membership application is an online internet electronic system that eliminates the need for paperwork, but will be unable to function as intended nor send you required notices if you do not have an email account.

You can get an email account for free.

If you don’t have one, go to:

Go wherever, there’s plenty of other servers that provide email accounts, and score yourself a free email address.

Board Members should be able to assist anyone without a computer. Just find and talk to one.

Assuming you have an email account, and you decide you want to renew your membership or become a new member, you will then scroll to the bottom of this page and click on New Member Signup. When you click on any of the New Member Signup links they will take you to a new page where you will select one of three membership options: 1. Individual Membership; 2. Family Membership; or 3. Senior Membership.

For this first round of signing up on our new site, everyone is considered brand new member regardless of which membership option you select. That is necessary so we can obtain complete information. Renewal of your membership next year should be much easier and fairly automatic. 

NON-MEMBERS: Should you decide not to be a member, you might still want to provide your name, email and text number so you will get updates about future events.


You MUST enter the required information on each page before the system will permit you to advance to the next page. When you are ready to advance you then click on NEXT and the system will take you to the next page of the application.

If after clicking on NEXT you are NOT taken to the subsequent page, you will need to go back over the form on the page you are currently on and check the information you entered to make sure you haven't forgotten something or made a mistake. If you are NOT advanced to the next page, then you need to examine the information you provided, correct any errors, or add the omitted information.

Some requested information you can skip. Some requested information is NOT mandatory.

The information you may NOT skip and which is MANDATORY before you can move on to the next part of the application has a red asterisk on the right corner of the data entry box - *. The system will NOT permit you to move on until the information in the box with is correctly entered.

The personal information which is MANDATORY is necessary for the Club’s liability insurance in the event there is an accident or injury on the range. 

The membership application process also requires that you read, and then electronically sign that you understand and accept the rules and necessary liability waivers. This is called The Joining Agreement. 

The City mandates a signed COVID liability waiver! We will attempt to satisfy the City’s need with your electronic acceptance of The Joining Agreement.

Please know that legally, your acquiescence and approval by clicking on The Joining Agreement is the equivalent of a written signature!

When you finish the membership application, you will not pay at this time. It's just an application. There is an application approval process. The system will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

Your payment will be requested after approval.

When your membership is approved by the President or the Board (hopefully within a week), you will receive a second email. That email will direct you to return to and login with your users name and password. The login button is at the top right hand corner: Member Login. Click on that. The system should then connect you to the final step in the application process which requires payment of your dues.

The site was designed so that you can pay your membership dues online by directly entering a credit/debit card through the system provided by Stripe, or by using your PayPal account. If you choose, you can mail your membership payment by check directly to ClubExpress, but we are charged a processing fee. The payment address can be found on our Contact Us page. By using any of these methods your payment will be deposited directly into the bank account of Verdugo Hills Archers without passing through any hands. In the future the Club may decide to completely eliminate payment by check so that the system is entirely electronic.

When payment is authorized and confirmed, you will receive an invoice for your payment.

Eventually you will be issued an electronic membership card which you can carry and display from your phone. The production of tangible plastic cards to display on the range has yet to be determined. 

You will also be sent notice of when new gate keys will be available to be picked up, at which time it may be necessary to physically sign a City Mandated COVID Liability Waiver. (We hope that they will accept your electronic signature, but this has not yet been confirmed.)

Instead of your Board having to spend a day or two at the range location handing out applications and taking checks, and a prospective member filling in forms and paying by checks which could be lost or mishandled, then having to later enter the data and email addresses and cell phone numbers manually into another program often causing errors where members do not receive texts or emails, this site streamlines all of that and much more. Further, next year will be significantly easier to renew. One way or another we will make this work!

There you go. Hope these notes make the process easier. If you have any problems, suggestions for simplification, improvement or modification, please send an email to:


Membership dues are $250.00 per year. If you work 20 verified hours, then at the end of the year you will be given a discount code that will reduce your next year’s dues by $150.00.

Total individual membership cost if work is verified: $100.00.

New Member Signup


Family Membership is $375.00 which includes general membership dues of $250.00 per year with an extra fee of $125 for spouse and children (total of 5 participants). If the family works 20 verified hours, then at the end of the year you will be given a discount code that will reduce your next year’s dues by $150.00. 

Total family membership cost if work is verified: $225.00.

New Member Signup


If you are 70 or older membership dues are half price or $125.00 per year. If you work 10 verified hours, then at the end of the year you will be given a discount code that will reduce your next year’s dues by $75.00.

Total senior membership cost if work is verified: $50.00.

New Member Signup